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Content Server - File Download Security Warning message when viewing file.

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I have a Content Server we use to store Invoice Images. From the Portal the user can open his inbox, check his workflow and view Invoice images that are assigned to him. This works for all users apart from one. All assocications for .tif and .tiff are correct when compared with a user that works.

This particular user when he clicks EXECUTE (in his SAP inbox) to view and process the invoice gets a pop-up box titled "File Download - Security Warning", then the messages:

Do you want to save this file?

Name Content Server

Type Unknown file type, 104k.


Then the option buttons SAVE or CANCEL. Pressing save does not let the file be saved.

For all other users, the tif image file opens in a window allowing the user to view the Invoice and approve it.

PLEASE HELP - This is driving us mad. We have tried all sort of settings and things suggested on other websites.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Philip,

this does not sound as if the database has something to do with.

I would guess that the browser settings for this user are different compared to the others.

It seems that for the all users - except this one - the browser 'knows' what to do with this filetype.

Anyhow - I think that this is not the right forum for this question.

Try this one:

KR Lars

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Thanks Lars,

If I have the question in both forums then hopefully someone will know the answer.

Anyone else have a clue?


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