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Content Modifier Header

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Hi everyone

With the content modifier, I can create variables in the Header, Exchange Property, and Message Body:

However I have the following Question:

1. What is the differece or When should I create variable in the Header and Exchange Property?

2. In most blogs that I have found on the internet, the data types appear as java.lang.String . What other types of data can be handled in the field "Data Type"?

3. I am creating a variable in the property for get the process execution date. I am using ${date:now:yyyy-mm-dd'T'hh:MM:ss'Z'}, but How can get the date in this format 2022/04/28 or 2022-04-28


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Wilman,

1. Header is used when you want to send information to receiver systems. Property is used for iflow level information only. Properties are not transferred to receiver.

2. All basic data types are supported e.g. -> Integer, Boolean etc. ( Refer to :

3. ${date:now:yyyy/MM/dd}


To know more about it , refer to



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