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Content migrated with ICE, Name property and Check In

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I have pulled in a new portal server several KM folders, originally located in another portal, with <i>Content Exchange</i> (online ICE protocol).

When I edit locally one of these migrated files, save, and check it in, I get a message complaining that the resource has no name.

Three curious things:

1) If I open the <i>Details</i> view for that file, I can see that the resource's name property is indeed correctly set.

2) After choosing <i>Edit locally</i>, the message reports the correct name of the resource!

<i>You are currently editing the document "REAL_NAME_OF_THE_FILE.doc"...</i>

3) From this page, if I choose <i>Show Properties</i> (showing me again the correct resource's name) and subsequently <i>Hide Properties</i>, no problem arises when checking the file in.

Please notice that:

1) This problem involves <b>only the resources migrated with ICE</b>.

2) If I change either the resource ID or its name from the Details view, no problem arises anymore.

We're using the ActiveX control to edit locally. Our portal version is:

J2EE Engine 6.40 PatchLevel 87289.311 
KnowledgeManagementCollaboration (NW04 SPS09 Patch3)

Have you gurus any idea?

Thanks all, Davide

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Answers (1)

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I can't find any SAP note about such a problem. Has anyone any info about it?

Thanks, Davide