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Content-Length header already present

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I am Getting the below error:- HTTP Request failed with error : executeUtil : failed with error. Message = null, cause: org.apache.http.ProtocolException: Content-Length header already present

I have created a integration flow in which i am storing the string value in the Property and later on the the Message Mapping function i am calling the script to match some data and the script is working and i am getting the result out from the Message Mapping and which the help of Request reply i am upserting the data to EC but at the time of upsert in am getting the Above error.

Please suggest

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Hi Rajat, you could check if the content-length property is already available in the header properties before sending the data (http call), e.g. via the Trace function of the iflow and check the header properties.If yes, where does it come from? If you do not find the reason, you could just delete the content-length property via content modifier before sending to check if it helps. It is more a workaround though.. I had a similar case when performing 2 sequential odata calls (the second call had content-length already in the header from the first call - made no sense there and i just deleted it). best regards, Sophie.