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consuming ssl webservice in data services - no reseponse error

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I have trying to invoke the web service using the data store avaible in Data Services:

- Web Service datastore

I created the dataflows to invoke the the function from the Web Service datastore

When I execute the batch job, I am getting the below error:

- In the dataflow using the function from the Web Service data store, I get the error RUN-248005 There is no response for thte web service. Ensure that the network, web server, and service are running properly. Also ensure that the service call time out is set properly

1. The same webservice is checked using Soap UI and i am able to get the results without issues.

The webservice is SSL and i am using axis.xml file to update the security certificate file

What am I am missing, appreciate your support and advice.

I am using data services 4.2

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