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Consume OData service from On Premise in SAP Build





Customer has his BTP accounts setup model as a common CF sub account for multiple business units with no Integration Suite but serverless runtime extension center for now.

Customer would like to start using SAP Build Portfolio (Build Apps, Build Process Automation and Build Work zone Standard Edition) with the above setup and has the following queries - 

1) Backend SAP systems are SAP ECC6 EHP6 on-premise and S4 Hana on-premise in AWS and currently using BTP Serverless Runtime Extension Center for OData Provisioning - can the OData services from these on-premise systems be accessible in SAP Build Apps, Build Process Automation and Build Workzone via extension center? or is exposing services via CAP or RAP the only alternative solution available?

2) With this single sub account setup how can it be ensured that from a security perspective only authorized user of a particular business unit can access an application apart from authorization setup in launchpad and as well as how can other business unit developers be not allowed to access other application code base.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Vipin,

Answer to your queries:

1) Once an OData API is available it can be consumed in SAP Build Process Automation or SAP Build Apps. It does not matter whether the OData API originates from On-premise or Cloud system, whether it is created from CAP or RAP or any other means.  

Some references: 

SAP Build Process Automation - my blog -

SAP Build Apps -

2) Recently available "Environments" feature in SAP Build should address your need to have control at business unit level while using a single sub account.