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Consolidations Planning using BCS PCtr 'Entire Hierarchy time dependant'

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Hi All,

We are doing CONS planning using BCS Profit Center and this infoobject has the 'Entire Hierarchy time dependant' property and we have two hierarchies one for 2010 and one for 2011.

If '0PLANDAT' variable used for the 'Key Date' in the Input Ready Query prooerties, would it take care of bringing up the hierarchy appropriately depending the Plan Year (Fiscal Year) or the period chosen for the planning.

Is there some place I can find the documentation and the logic for the '0PLANDAT' SAP Exit variable?

Thanks in advance,

- Shashi

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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a key date in BW is the date that will be used to read time dependent objects as master data attributes or time dependent hierarchy nodes. These time dependend objects all have valid_from, valid_to fields, when the key date is in the interval the corresponding record will be taken. Observe, that a key date has no link to a time characteristic here.

The idea of 0PLANDAT is to have a variable the can be used in the customizing of time dependent objects in the planning model as characteristic relationships and in a query. The 0PLANDAT settings can be found in the planning specfic settings for an InfoCube in the planning modeler; to use 0PLANDAT in the query ensures that the same key date is used in the planning model and in the query.



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Thanks Gregor,

We have hierarchy for 2010 and 2011 onwards.

We do current year planning as well as future year planning.

To make the appropriate hierarchy used in the planning, then, don't we need to have a variable for 'Key Date' and the user has to give in the date in the variable. Or, somehow, we should populate the new key date exit variable based on our planning parameteres to derive the appropriate key date for the hierarchy.

Best Regards,

- Shashi

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