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Connector for MQ in CE Java EE

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Im attempting to create a resource adapter for connection to MQ from CE 7.1

In NWDS I have created a SAP Connector project and followed what instructions I can find importing libs from file system including;



The issue I have is that I cant seem to find a definative resource for how to set up the connector project so I am able to reference by JNDI in the calling code.

The ra.xml would seem to be the deployment descriptor I need but how to get the correct information referencing the mq libs eludes me. (connection factory/impl)

The help doco seems to glaze over the actual values (generic not specific) in the config in the ra.xml and connector-j2ee-engine.xml.

overview of data flow

Servlet -> resource adapter -> MQ JMS queue

any help would be greatly appreciated ..

It appears the RA.XML is the key to get the MQ RAR libs deployed, if anyone has a link to a valid MQ ra.xml that would be a step in the right direction.

Edited by: Richard McArthur on May 28, 2010 7:55 AM

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Hi Richard,

I had a recent experience with inbound communication (MQ JMS Queue -> MQ Resource Adapter -> CE). Let me know if you need to run a similar flow. Unfortunately I haven't tried the outbound one...