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connectivity between ECC and BI ABAP

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Hello everybody,

We have setup as

SAP ECC : 6.0

BI : SAP EHP 2 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0


we have installed ABAP and JAVA  instance on the separate machine with IP address and, ECC has IP:

Now we have plan to change the IP address for all the server.

so please suggest

1. what is the impact on changing the IP address of above said systems?

2. ABAP and JAVA has integration then how to take care of this after changing IP?

3. How to take care for ECC and BI ABAP connection after chaging the IP?

what is prerequisite for the above?

please suggest.



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Hello Ganesh,

You can change the IP Addresses of all the server's. Below are the answers to your queries.

1) Only impact is that you will have to re-instate the integration of all the systems which were connected before changing IPA. Best would be to list out all the RFC connections with IPA as connection parameter and make changes accordingly and validate them.

2) For integration of ABAP & J2EE Instances, change the IPA respectively i.e. Change IPA of J2EE Server in ABAP's RFC Destination & Change IPA (If not using Hostname) of ABAP in JCo RFC Provider of SAP AS JAVA.

3) Same way as above change IPA in respective RFC Destinations of ECC ABAP & BI ABAP.

Few other considerations:-

1) Change respective IPAs in /etc/hosts file where ever applicable on servers.

2) Change DNS Entries of Hostname <--> IPAs if registered on Network.

3) Consider, if using Web Services explicitly using IPAs

4) Communicate change of IPAs to end-users.

P.S. - Awards points if this helps