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ConnectionFactory Exception

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Hello All,

I am working on migrating a J2EE app from Websphere Application Developer 5.1.2 to run on SAP J2EE engine. Once I deployed the ear and started the app, I get the app's login screen. When I try to login, I get the following exception: Exception during lookup operation of object with name webContainer/applications/, cannot resolve object reference. [Root exception is ConnectionFactory "jdbc/NonXADataSource" does not exist. Possible reasons: the connector in which ConnectionFactory "jdbc/NonXADataSource" is defined is not deployed or not started.

Below are the steps that I've done on the migration to SAP:

1. From SAP Management Console, started the J2EE Engine.

2. From Visual Administrator Tool, I created the JDBC driver (added appropriate drivers needed for SQL Server 2000) and datasources (added two datasources needed by our app), using the JDBC Connector.

3. From Deployment Tool, I did the following:

a. Created a project.

b. Using the Assembler tab, created an EAR file from the WAR file that I exported from our J2EE app in Websphere Application Developer 5.1.2.

c. Using the Deployer tab, added the datasource configuration and added the datasource alias.

d. Using the Deployer tab, I deployed the EAR file and started the application.

Since I am new in using SAP, I most likely missed something in my configuration setup. Any advice on this issue is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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From the error trace, it seems that the JDBC connector configuration in VA needs a rechecking. Ensure db connection is okay by running a query in the DB Initialization.


Srinivasan T

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Hello Srinivasan,

Thanks for the reply and good point.

When I setup my datasources, I did run the test query in the DB initialization to make sure that the datasources were setup correctly. I received an OK reply when the query ran successfully.

Is there any other setup which I may have left out?