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Connection to database

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In the tutorials, we used to access SAP system to retrive data. I want to make a application in web dynpro,which will access database and also will be able to update the same(eg. SQL).

Are any tutorials/documentation available which will help me doing this?




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Answers (2)

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Hi deepti

If you want to access data from external databases like you did for SAP using BAPI then you have to go by the approach suggested by Detlev (ie either use a EJB or a WebService). We have done it for accessing local databases in my company. I guess that is what you would like to know.



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Hi Deepti,

I don't know if there are any specific tutorials - but: You shouldn't access DB/SAP or whatever kind of backend directly from within webdynpro. Create EJBs to do so (EntityBeans or stateless SessionBeans and implement your acces by hand or tools). Then access the EJBs from your WebDynpro app, for instance using the bean model (at least you will find some help in some weblog) or the web service model (which is not really a very efficient way but was the only supported "automatic" way until last summer).

Hope it helps


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Thanks Detlev..

I think I was wrong in asking question, What my query is to access SAP data, we imported particular Bapi, Like same can we use anything to access the data from other database....

I think i'll go thru the EJB stuff, I hope it helps..

Thanks again