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Connection SAP IDM to IPS (BTP)

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Hello everyone,

We want to connect SAP IDM to SAC cloud systems in this case .

For this we think to go through a construction with IPS.

Someone will tell me that it is the best method to connect IDM to BTP and IPS and give me the procedure, please?



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we followed the informations of the document step by step but we cannot launch the job because we have 400 or 401 returns.

we created the administrator as follows


we created the proxy as such


we have exported the proxy in CSV and imported in the admin console of IDM then complete the data AUTH_USER and AUTH_PASSWORD with the client ID and secret of the administrator SAP_IDM2 and put the SCIM_ASSIGNMENT_METHOD to PUT

Do you have any idea what might cause these errors or how to test the connection other than with the initial IDM Load job?



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Hi Michael,

This looks like network connectivity issue or problem with user you have created on SAP CIS tenant.

Part 1 - SAP IDM - > Cloud Identity Services

The user you should use to connect SAP IDM to Cloud Identity Services is SAP_IDM2

SAP_IDM2 should have "Access Proxy System API"

To check if your corporate Firewall is blocking SAP IDM to connect to CIS, please run below command from SAP IDM servers

curl -v https://<tenantid>

Cloud Identity Service - > SAC

The user you have configured on SAC Proxy system should be OAuth user you have generated on SAC end.

Please note you can isolate to check if it network related issue by accessing proxy system via tools like insomnia or postman.