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connection pooling with Oracle using c#.NET

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We are seeking your help to manage the pooling of the connection of the crystal report to oracle db using SAP crystal report for visual studio.

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but why the connection to DB not closed and still inactive even if we called report.close and report.dispose. This why we are seeks to disable the pooling but if we could kill the inactive database sessions. it will be sufficient. 

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It's not CR doing the pooling, We send a close but due to the client/Server it keeps the connection valid for some other process to use.

Check with your DBA on how to configure the Server/Client to not use Connection Pooling.

See if this KBA works for:

Note the end of the info, there is an option to pass to the Client that may work for you.


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Just wanted to provide SCN link to the KBA Don recommended:

2107357 - Windows.Form Viewer does not disconnect from the Database when the viewer object is close/...

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