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Connection pool testing for dealing with database restarts

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How do you configure the app server to test JDBC connections before handing them to the application? The app server needs to accomodate database restarts while the app is running.

We have an EAR file built with ANT (we use Eclipse 3.x to develop the app) and we use the deploy tool for getting it installed on the engine at 6.40 SP15. We have setup a datasource in the project options but I don't see how to configure it so that the engine tests JDBC connections before giving them to the application. We need to guard against database restarts and other app servers that I have used have an option that takes care of this detail. I cannot get the deploy tool help to appear due to an invalid URL being requested by the tool.

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you are right, in visual admin, it appears, any options to test a poll served connection are absent.

Remedy: In tab additional

- check expiration control and set

- connection lifetime to say 60 (seconds) and

- cleanup thread to say 30

This way, you can't fully avoid, but diminish the likelihood to catch a bad connection.



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Thanks for the suggestion. We shall give it a try and see if it is sufficient for our needs.