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Connection on a transaction iView with SAPGUI

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Hello all,

I've created a Transaction iView with SAP GUI for Windows on a EP6 SP11 and WebAS6.40

The System Alias has User Management configured to UIDPW and user mapping type admin,user.

The System has the following configuration:

Application Host:

Gateway Host:

Gateway Service: sapgw00

Logical System Name: sdrj20_D01_00

SAP Client: 110

SAP System ID (SID):D01

SAP System Number:00

Server Port:3600

System Type: SAP_R3

Everytime I've tried to connect on the transaction iView, I get this error:

connection partner broken

Component: NI(network interface)

Release: 640

Version: 37

Module: ninti.c

Line: 756

Method: NiPRead(, hdl3)

Return code: -6

System Call: recv

Counter: 1

Does anybody knows what this means?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think you may be confusing the Server port with the Message Server port. Typically for a system number 00 your server port will be 3200.


Dave Klepper

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Thanks guys!!!! it really helped, I had exactly the same issue, in my case system number was 02 so the default port was 3202


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Hello David,

It´s working now. Thanks!



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Can you use the same data and configure SAPGUI and then login from same host?

Have you logged into the target system and validated all your settings?

Do you have the required sapgw## and sapdp## entries in your services file on the EP host?