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Connecting to an SAP Analytics Cloud tenant to SAP Datasphere Catalog


Hello experts!

We are trying to connect our SAP Analytics Cloud Tenant with our SAP Datasphere Catalog. But we ran into an error that we can't really understand.

We are following the steps detailed here: Connecting to Data Sources | SAP Help Portal under SAP Analytics Cloud Tenant Connection to create a new System.

Once we push the "+" icon to create a new system we fill the boxes with the following information: 

  • System Type: SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Name: SAP Analytics Cloud 
  • UUID of our SAC Tenant

And as an Authenticated System User, I am assuming that the authenticated system user is the user with whom I am making the connection with, and that would be my user (the one I am logged on in Datasphere) while our shared mailbox generic user is getting configured to use.

But when we click the buttom "Authenticate Now" we run into the following error:

Failed to (getAuthorizationAddress) due to an error: {"status":404,"code":"","message":"No resource exists with uuid [our sac UUID]"} 

We looked for similar errors and we found this one here: 3338522 - Connecting SAC as Data Source for Catalog fails due Error "The UUID couldn't be verified" .... But it is not quite the same error we are encountering. So we are looking for other alternatives. (Our tenants' landscapes are in different countries but within the same continent)

  • Can you help us identify what could be causing that type of error?
  • Are we missing some configuration from SAC's side?

I am adding the error pictures here:



Thanks in advance!


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Rebeca, It is a well written and thought out question. Thanks!
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@rebeca_elvetia We have exactly the same error with an SAC tenant hosted in EU10 and a Datasphere tenant hosted in EU11. Did you get any help or answer to your incident?


@MonaWalia Do you know if it is on the roadmap to fix the problem with the different data centers? I couldn't find anything on the official roadmap. Because this makes the Data Catalog more or less useless for us, if it won't be possible in the foreseeable future 😞 


Hello Sebastian,

We did open an incident, and they said the error was indeed due to our tenants being in different landscapes.

In our case they're in US and BR, and connection between tenants in different regions is not supported ☹️.

We also asked if the roadmap included this, but they said the current versión doesn't have it, they said we could create an enhancement request for this (3332382 - How to create an enhancement request for SAP Datasphere? - SAP for Me)