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Connecting ECC Dev and QA to 1 BW Server

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Hi All,

We are planning to use just 1 BW server for development and QA testing ( and other connection in the future). due to no budget to buy a new BW server.

We do have ECC Dev ,QA, and sometimes Project Dev and QA servers.

Is there a way where we can have multiple clients in BW to support data coming from ECC Dev and QA servers. i read sapnote 522569 indicates BW can't create a new source system outside the BW standard client, and administrator workbench will only be executed in bw client only.

we are currently doing disconnection on Dev and reconnection to QA server and reloading of data everytime. this cause delay in other projects that are still under development everytime we do disconnection. are there other ways if multiple clients is not allowed in BW?


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Hi Oliver,

First of all you cannot define more than one BW client on an SAP instance. This will not work and is not supported.

If you have to work with only one BW system, you are able to connect two ECC systems to it (Development and Quality). They will have to load to the same InfoProviders. I wonder if you are able to manage that.

I strongly recommend for a full system landscape with pairs of ECC and BW. I do not believe that you will save costs with only one BW system, the opposite is true. I have experienced a similar scenario at one of my clients and I can assure you it increased the costs due to additional consultancy and basis administration costs.

Best regards,


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Thanks Sander for the inputs.

Apparently management does not recognize the cost of consultancy and basis vs a new system landscape. we still might stick to connect and disconnections to the servers. but we might try to do some redesigning of DSOs and transformations.