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Connecting DotNet to SAP HANA: Not using ODBC

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I cam across this article which states that for efficiency purposes its better to use ADO.NET driver instead of ODBC to connect dotnet with HANA.

The article says "To start using the new ADO.NET API delivered in SPS 08, you will need to have the latest SAP HANA Client Developer Edition version 1.00.80 installed on your machine or alternatively check the default installation path under C:\Program Files\sap\hdbclient\ If you have that installed, you should see two folders call v3.5 and v4.5 and clicking through v4.5, you should have the Sap.Data.Hana.v4.5.dll."

We already have SAP HANA studio installed on our machines. So will installing the Client Developer Edition cause conflicts?

Basically we need to place the Sap.Data.Hana.v4.5.dll file at a suitable location because that seems to be the driver to connect dotnet with HANA.

Has someone done this manually instead of installing Client Developer Edition or we just have to install the SAP HANA Client Developer Edition version    ?



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The SAP HANA Studio installation is completely isolated from any other SAP HANA software on your computer.

You can safely install the client software to get the ADO.NET driver.

Don't try to fiddle with the single files though - the client software installation is supposed to work as it gets installed.

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Hi Lars,

Thanks for your reply. We did exactly the same. We installed the SAP HANA studio separately and then installed the HANA client after that. All the folders seemed to be created correctly. However, when trying to connect to HANA from dotnet we are still getting the error: "Cannot find libSQLDBCHDB.dll"

We installed the 64 bit HANA client. Do we have to install 32 bit HANA client because the Visual Studio seems to be 32 bit?

Thanks for your help.


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After doing some research, I think we need to install SAP HANA Client Windows Server on IA32 32bit

Where can we download this version?


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Hello samarjit,

       You can download SAP HANA client for 32 bit from this following link.

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Hi Samar,

Have you tried creating a x64 build-profile in Visual Studio?

This solved the issue for us without the need to install the 32-bits version of the SAP HANA tools.



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Please take a view on my reply on same post


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Update: even after installing the Client Edition, using the command "hdbinst", we are still getting the following error:

"Cannot find libSQLDBCHDB.dll"

We even included the path of installation "C:\Program Files\sap \hdbclient" to the PATH environment variable..

Somehow the visual studio is not finding that dll.

Any clues?