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Connected MDM and LDAP, but but now what? Why user mapping?

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Hi Gurus,

In my last thread, I posted that I was not able to connect MDM with LDAP. I was finally able to.

My problem now is I have to define user mapping in SAP Portal for the MDM business iViews to work.

By connecting MDM and LDAP, I got the benefit that now the authentication and authorization is happening via LDAP.

But this does eliminate the need for user mapping. If this is the case then why the real benefit of using LDAP?

In this case this becomes worse as I need to know the user's LDAP Password which no body will share for sure.

Any ideas? I want to get rid off this user mapping stuff.

Warn Regards,


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without knowing specifics of ur architecture, i can quickly point out two things:

1) LDAP is primarily used for authentication, true.

2) Portal User mapping should not be an issue if u already have portal tied up to the active directory or some kind of single sign on?

So portal knows the users who has logged it, polls the Active directory for authentication and Active directory logs into MDM with that users role.


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Thanks for response.

I tried what you suggested. What I have found till now is that this will not work unless wee define user mapping.

I am looking for some custom solution if possible.