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Connect Informatica as a Source System to BW4HANA

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I have a scenario where i have to load data from Informatica to sap BW4HANA.

Source System : Informatica
Target System : SAP BW4HANA.

I understand that Informatica data needs to be moved first to the HANA DB/table level and then use HANA Source System connection to move the data into modeling the desired flows.

Can you please help with how the end to end connections work and how does Informatica connect to the HANA database (SLT replication?) and what are the prerequisites?

If any SAP document is there please share.

Many thanks for your help!



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HI Manish/Sreekanth,

I have same requirement, Can you please share the document?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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You will have to set up your own tables in HANA native. This is not part of BW/4HANA but requires a separate development tool (HANA Web IDE, HANA Studio).

In Informatica you can just set up your 'data source/target' for HANA - just like you would set up any other database in Informatica (SQL*Server, Oracle and so on). I expect Informatica has a HANA specific adapter but if not you can use the ODBC adapter.

SLT is not part of the scenario. Informatica is your ETL tool.

I suppose you could ask the question if you want to use Informatica... If your landscape is very HANA centric you would be better of with for example SDI. However.... if Informatica is widely used in your organisation and HANA is a small part of it then it makes sense to go down this route.

The bottom line is, Informatica cannot load directly into BW/4HANA, you need your HANA tables first and then it is 'business as usual' from an ETL / Informatica development perspective.


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Thank you so much Jan, for your elaborate answer.

Let me try the approach and will let you know how it goes on from here.. 🙂



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Thanks Sreekanth for the document and it helps.

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