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Connect Android device to SAP system

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Hi guys,

Below is the description of our app and the problems we face.Please help us to find the solution

Application Description:

Terminal App is utility app that can be used to manage the SAP Landscape.It is used to stop, start SAP.

Technologies Used:

  • Telnet Protocol
  • SSH Protocol
  • Java Programming
  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse


In networks ,devices for example two PC’s can connect to each other using few protocols like telnet, SSH, RDP etc….These depends upon client server architecture i.e. there has to be server available to satisfy the request made from the clients.

Our Terminal App also uses the Telnet /SSH protocols to connect to the SAP systems.


On SAP systems hosts which could be either UNIX or Windows based.

Due to security reasons the ports used by Telnet /SSH protocols are generally closed in SAP environments.

Asking customer to open these ports will make the system susceptible.

Possible Solution

A connector or plugin that can be installed on the mobile device and SAP host which can allow the commands executed on the mobile device to control the sapstartsrv.exe and sapstopsrv.exe.

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Answers (3)

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Hi there.

Yes, OData itself will not solve your problem. But It can be leveraged as a protocol to translate your start/stop requests. The solutions would look like this:

Device > (ODATA/REST Call) > SMP Cloud Version > HANA Cloud Connector > NetWeaver Gaterway Service (Trusted RFC/system call) > BackendSystem

Once you hit the NW Gateway you can leverage ABAP code to start & stop your backend servers.

But this is exactly the point. Your customers will not open SSH routes to their backend. This is why you want to "hide" it behind a platform where you can control the traffic. And HTTP and OData is easy to track and manage. Authentication takes place before you do the action (starting and stopping servers). So this setup should be a valid solution, also from customer side.

Find more information here:

Your solution proposal would use a VPN that supports SSH.

Kind Regards,


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Check whether sapstartsrv.exe and sapstopsrv.exe can be executed through RFC/BAPI call or through any Odata service. If yes it is possible to develop a mobile app using the Odata libraries or SMP libraries to stop and start server.

- Midhun VP

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Thank you for reply, but according to my knowledge, Odata service will not solve our problem.

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Product and Topic Expert
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Is using an Agentry application an option?  From the Agentry client you can generate transactions which when processed on the server (within the landscape) would shell out and call the appropriate start / stop commands.

Depending on the requirements it could be a very simple app.

Just a thought