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Confirmed Alerts: How to acces?

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How can we access already confirmed alerts?

We're using alert rules to foreward (Integration & Exception Monitoring) alerts into MS Teams channels.
Many collegues are member of these channels and they use the link in the message to access the alert directly.
When one member confirms an alert, this alert and all the information (not even the Alert Action Log) is not accessible anymore. It would be very helpful e.g. to see who confirmed the alert.

Is this "Work as designed"?
If "Yes" the confirmation dialog box is obsolte and could be removed.
If "No" please provide an information how to access the alert history.

Thanks an best regards,


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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It is currently not possible to access confirmed alerts. 
Once they are confirmed, there is no view or other access possible.

Your post had some ideas for how to improve or update the functionality. 
Please log those ideas as requests (or vote on existing, similar requests) in the relevant SAP Customer Influence Program for SAP Cloud ALM (in this case, the SAP Cloud ALM for Operations influence program).
This will help our Developers to identify areas of improvement.