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Configuring managed system to two solution manager

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Hi, I want to setup managed system configuration of Development system in Solution Manager production and solution manager non-production I will be using non-production Solution Manager for technical monitoring of non- productions systems. But solution manager production will be used for CCLM, Charm configuration and technical monitoring of production systems.

Please advise if this configuration is possible

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes this is possible, to configure (properly) a managed SAP system against two SAP Solution Manager instances, you would need two Diagnostic Agents because you can currently only point one agent to one SAP Solution Manager installation. Besides that you should also ensure that the SLD content is registered / available for both SAP Solution Manager instances. You can do this by temporarily switching RZ70 or Data Supplier (in case of JAVA) to the other SAP Solution Manager installation and push the data through by running / executing the SLD content registration. Of course this does cause some complexity in case you update a managed SAP system for example, you should again ensure that both SLD's (unless a single SLD is used for both SolMan instances) receive the data so they can push it to LMDB and update the managed SAP system data automatically.

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