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Configuration required on NWDi to use CAF

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Hello Everybody,

What all configuration is required on NWDI, if I want to develop CAF rpject through NWDI?

Provide all installtion steps and configuration steps.

Thanks in Advance,


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I am very new to CAF environment. I need to extract extract data from xPD system to BW system. I know that xPD is the xApps CAF component. we have data in the portal server in J2EE(WAS.70). Now i want to communicate with xPD system to extract data.

Can you Pleas explain me what is the procedure to provide configuration in both J2EE Visual administrator and BW sides. If you provide this info, that its really helpful to me.


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Hi Carl,

Since this is not NWDI related, I recommend that you create a new post to get your answer.