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configuration overview vs message monitoring

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I am not understanding how this configuration overview works, as it is showing differently in message monitoring..can anybody explain please...

Configuration overview screen:

Message Monitoring screen:

In configuration overview it shows as message flows from A-> A,A-> B, B-> A

In message monitoring it shows as A-> empty,A->A and A-> B

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vijay,

If your configuration is classical scenario.

  • When adapter engine receive the message from the sender it will save it in the database without the receiver because receiver determination happen in the integration engine. This message you can see in the message monitor which is A->Empty.
  • After integration engine processed the message and split the message into two messages based on your config which is one is goes to A and other one is goes to B. these two messages target adapters are adapter engine, so integration engine send these two message to adapter engine to further processing, these two messages come from integration engine and after receiver determination step so these two message will have receiver details, that is why you can see the receiver in the message monitor (A->A and A->B).

If your scenario is ICO based scenario:

then when you activate staging then you can see same behavior in the message monitor which means before receiver determination and after receiver determination.



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