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Configuration for NWDS 7.1

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Hello everybody,

I am using WebDynpro application in SAP Netweaver Developer Studio 7.1 for the first time, as I had previously worked on 7.0 version

In Window->Preferences->SAP AS Java I have added properly the system on which my client has the JAVA AS:

Instance host: hostname of EP

Instance number : 66

But when I try to do "Deploy new Archive and Run", I have the following error:

http://XXXX:-1/webdynpro/dispatcher/local/Test/TestApp?SAPtestId=10 The parameter is incorrect.

and the next window shows the following:

Your system has no program registered for file


TestApp?SAPtestId=10. Change the file association or choose a different help web browser in the preferences.

As far as I know, the port it should use is 56600 (Web AS), but it seems to be trying to deploy in port -1...

Does anybody know how to solve it?

Thank you very much.

Deep Nain Kundra.

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First check if your server is running. If so in NWDS go to Windows->Preferences->SAP AS Java. In the Instance host field provide the IP/host name of the server. In the Instance Number field provide the last digit of the instance number. You can find the instance number in usr\sap\<sid>\<instance_id>.

For example:

Instance Host : localhost

Instance Number : 0

Click on the Register SAP Instance button, and your system should show up in the SAP System Instances table and the SID should appear in the SAP System drop down. Click on the Ok button.


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Hi Nikhil,

Using below details

Instance Host : EP hostname and

Instance Number : 66

I am able to Register SAP Instance, but on deploying the application I am getting the above error due to port as -1 coming instead of 56600.

Please help me.


Deep Nain Kundra