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Hi Gurus,

How do i activate and deactivate conditions in BEx ? I have defined conditions in Designer and want to give uses possibility to activate and deactivate when running queries



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You can activate/deactivate conditions and exceptions by clicking on it and go to the relevant condition and tick the checkbox.

Hope it helps

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If you want the Condition to be Activated or Deactivated at the query level

7.0 Click on condition there is a check box for that Condition

Condition is Active. Uncheck that if you want to Deactivate your Condition.

3.5 if you click on Condition There is a Check box at the top Which says Active.

Hope this helps.

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If you want the user to activate or deactivate the conditions, if you have published the query output in Enterprise portal, the user can have this facility by clicking on the button "Exceptions and Conditions" present in the screen or choosing "settings" as mentioned below.

BEx Web applications:

In the List of Conditions Web item, you can activate or deactivate conditions using Switch Status. You navigate to this function from the BEx Web Analyzer by choosing Settings --> Conditions Tab Page --> Switch Status.

BEx Analyzer:

In the List of Conditions design item, you can activate or deactivate the conditions using the context menu