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Conditionally hididng 1st Master page in fragmented odata based adobe form

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We have a requirement to have a Summary page as the first page for the Adobe form

which should be displayed based on a condition

If condition true display this page

else donot show this page

and then the rest of the pages should be printed

We are using fragmented Odata forms for our requirement and we have seperate Master and Content form

For our requirement we have created a body page subform for this 1st newly created Master page(created

in Master page form) and added the condition in Formcalc - validate event and initialise event (This works fine)

Such that when the condition is TRUE the Subform will be visible

else Inactive

When we print this form, when the condition is true, we have the 1st summary page with required data

but when the condition is false, we have a blank page as the first page and rest of the pages following.

We are not able to hide this blank page

Could any one please help on this?

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