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Condition is not working

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Hi ALL..

Please give me your suggestions why this problem occurs.

In the condition,when I keep the Charecteristic Assignment as "All Charecteristics in Drilldown independently" then I am getting only result row.

But when I used "Individual Chars and Char Comb" and marked the Char which are in the rows The condition works, but again when we drildown with any of the free characterisitics or remove any characteristics in the row the Condition gets deactivated itself and the irrelavant records are also displayed in the report output.

Please let us know whats d cause behind this..

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Kalpana

That's the only problem with 'Conditions'

when you are adding the conditions 'Ijndividual Char. and Combinations...' it is not applicable to the Chars. in free char area. The conditions doesnt apply to them. So obviously you will get incorrect results.

Solution : You need to have a report only for 'Conditions' purpose and with all the desired chars. Do not allow the business users to drill down with the Free char. In fact, there should be no Free char. Yes, it sounds stupid but that's how it is !!!

As for 'All char.....' option it gets applied to all chars and only the satisfying combination gets displayed. The fact that you are getting only result rows means only result row satisfies all the conditions.

You could go through the documentation on 'Conditions' which clearly explains this fundas..