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Concerns regarding GRID SBP upgrade from 19.16 to 19.20

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Hi Team,

We are planning existing Grid SBP19.16 to SBP 19.20. and we are following attached readme "README19V2P_PHONE_NUMBER9 2" for the SBP 19.20.
And that Grid is used other for DBs in the same server. So upgrading sbp will lead to downtime for all the four DBs right.

So we have few concerns below,
1. Which backups to be taken before going ahead with the upgrades? (Please mention necessary backups /config backups we should take)
2. Also as a precautionary measures, do we have to take full DB backup of all the four DBs which are connected to GRID and DB GRP also to be taken? Kindly suggest.
3. In case of backout scenario what step to be followed exactly to back to 19.16. If we take any filesystem backup, will it be helpful? And while following the README the 3 number para says, to install the previous sbp. Can you help me on the steps?


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Dear Customer,

Please find below the answers:

1. Please take full database backup with BR*tools.

2. Yes.

3. Filesystem backup is not enough, please take full backup with BR*tools.

To revert to a previous, older SAP Bundle Patch, follow the installation instructions of that older SAP Bundle Patch.

Best regards,
SAP Support