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Concat in IDT issue

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I have an issue with Concat field in IDT and I am unable to resolve it

I have Firstname, middle and lastname and I am using concat function in IDT but when i drag it into webi i donot see any results, it is just blank

Now if i instead use by FN,MN and last name in a varaible in Webi I can see the results

any idea why this is happening

below is the concatination i am using in IDT

concat(client_name.client_first_name, concat(' ',
concat(client_name.client_middle_name,concat(' ',

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Active Contributor

Hi Harsha,

You can write the below formula as well.
client_name.client_first_name + ' ' + client_name.client_middle_name + ' ' + client_name.client_last_name

Upon using this you'll see 2 spaces in the middle, if there is no Middle Name, for that you need to use case statement to concat the middle name, as

case when middlename is null then '' else (middlename + ' ') end

Mahboob Mohammed