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Compression Error

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When I try to copress Infocube 0IC_C01, I'm getting following error?

START cond CUBE 0IC_C01 at 050426 on 20051116 maxreqid 57156 maxcnsid 0 refpoint update + NO NULL ELI

Data in request 0 is inconsistent (several records with identical keys)

Collapse terminated: Data target 0IC_C01, from to 57.156

ANy Idea How to deal with this?

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Answers (1)

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Don't know for sure. You don't say what version and SP you are on. You might want to check these notes.



The E table of your non-cumulative InfoCube is partitioned and compression terminates with an error indicating that the data in request 0 is inconsistent.(Several records with identical keys) (DBMAN 354)".

Reason and Prerequisites

The following situation can occur when a non-cumulative cube with a partitioned E table is compressed:

If several records with identical key fields and different values for the partitioning column exist in a request that is about to be condensed, only one record should be created as a marker.

However, due to an unnecessary GROUP BY <partitioning column>, a marker is created for each record, while the partitioning column is set as 0. This results in duplicate (multiple) non-cumulative markers in the E table. As a result, the next request to be compressed terminates with the error message given above.

Reporting and aggregation for these cubes are NOT affected.

Affected aggregates remain uncondensed. It is therefore not possible to compress the cubes.


You should recreate affected aggregates (if automatic compression is activated).

Affected InfoCubes can be repaired, as explained in note 431505. This procedure can also be applied to aggregates if the aggregates are very large.


Import Support Package 09 for 3.0B (BW3.0B Patch 09 or SAPKW30B09) into your BW system. The Support Package will be available when note 523243 with the short text APBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 09", which describes this Support Package in more detail, is released for customers.

To provide information in advance, note 0523243 may already be available before the Support Package is released. In this case,the short text will still contain the words "preliminary version".


Import Support Package 03 for 3.1C (BW3.1C Patch 03 or SAPKW31C03) into your BW-system. The Support Package will be available when note 0539820 with the short text "SAPBWNews BW 3.1C Support Package 03", which describes this Support Package in more detail, is released for customers. See note 110934, which contains more information on BW Support Packages.</i>


This one is for BW 2.0 but also mentions the same error message.