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Compounding characteristics

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Hi All,

Can someone help me with a layout/display problem in the query designer.

How can you show only the value of compounding characteristics like 0payscalegrp.

Now all compounding characteristics are shown like ##/##/##/02/11. I would like to show only 11.

Thanks Gert

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Answers (2)

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Let me use 0MAT_PLANT as example. This is composed with 0PLANT. If I include only 0MAT_PLANT in the rows, it will show as 1111/0000203044 or #/0000203044, depending on the value of 0PLANT.

To avoid this, we need to include 0PLANT in the rows. In that way, 0MAT_PLANT will display 0000203044.

If we don't want to display 0PLANT in the rows, just include it in the rows but set it to "No display".

I do not know 0payscalegrp, but it seems to me that it's composed with toehr 4 InfoObjects. SO you need to include those 4 in the rows (and set them to No Display if you don't want to show them).


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Thank you for the reply, I will create seperate characteristics as mentioned, filtering the values in the query didn't the correct view.



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You can show only the 11 if all the compounding attributes are in the free attributes or filters box and restricted to only 1 value, either hard coded or by variable value.

Otherwise the system wouldn't be able to see 02/11 and 03/11 as different values and would add them.

If you want to add them or are sure that you don't have duplicates, add another infoobject as navigational attribute to your compounded InfoObject. You can then fill it with 11 for 02/11 and 03/11. The navigational attribute can then be used in the query instead of the original one.

Best regards