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Composition in BAPI BAPI_BUS1077_CREATE

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Hi Team,

I have tried creating the specification via bapi and it got created with id as 500.

To update the Composition via same BAPI, can i know what values to be passed in TABLE PARAMETER in BAPI ?

Want to know BAPI which creates the composition for specification ?


Karthik S

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you should use the BAPIs only if you are "very experienced". Same is true for the corresponding APIs

E.g. take a look here: (here you will may be find the "best" help).

or here:

But you will find a huge number of discussions regarding these BAPIs

The APIs/BAPIs are discussed regular and many people do have problems in using them (the reason is different)


PS: here some discussion examples regarding the "Create" BAPI

PPS: check this SAP OSS note !

Note 1111161 - FAQs when you are working with specification BAPIs

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the reply.

Can i use BAPI_BUS1077_CREATE to update my composition too ?


Karthik S

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There is a BAPI_BUS1077_CHANGE, so I'd start looking in that direction.

And to know what to put where, I'd take a look at the BAPI_BUS1077_GETDETAIL (where you can easily find out what data is put where).

In BAPI_BUS1077_CHANGE you'll find the structures & tables that end with and X in their name, and where you can indicate which fields you want to see changed).