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Composite BW security system

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I am trying a develop a security system . where i need to restrict the material depending upon the customer.

EX: user1 can access customer A and material C,D,E.same user can access customer B and material C,D.

ie, When cutomer A is choosen he can view 3 materials C,D,E. andd when customer B is choosen he can view only 2 materials C and D.

Did any one worked with such type of scenarios in Secirity. Can i have any hint for this design.



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Hi Ram,

In order to work with authorizations ,it requires some basic knowledge and Basis security support to create authorizations. SU01 and PFCG transaction codes can be used to assign/create roles to users.

You may wish to check link below for case study of authorizations related to query.



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We can do such type of security in PFCG, it is done in the form of objects. A can view his own data whereas B can view his own. they both can check there data only in display mode, if v authorize them, or else they cant display.