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component usages: context not updated...anything like dynp_read_values?...

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Hi .

I have Comp A which uses Comp B ... Comp B is used across several applications. Comp B has a context node N which has external mapping (ticked).

In a view V1 of Comp A, view container is used to display the view V2 of Comp B which contains the Context node N.

When user enters a value in a field in the view V2 (this is done through View V1), the context of comp A doesnot automatically get updated.. I also have a button in V1 which opens a popup, when the user clicks CLOSE on popup, the values in V1 change to the original values. eg: Initial value is 'SAP' , user changes the value to 'SAP1' but after clicking the button and closing the popup, the initial value 'SAP' is displayed again.. I need SAP1 to be visible..

Can anyone tell me how this can be achieved..

In Classic Dynpro f.m dynp_read_values could be used to read screen field values even without trigerring PAI...Is there something similar in WDABAP which allows me to read the screen field values.

I am thinking of reading the screen field values and updating the context in the WDDOBEFOREACTION() method of the view..

Please let me know how this can be achieved

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Do external mapping from the interface controler of Component B which used in component A .Now the same node is available in component A.Use this context for the field used in the pop up.Data will get updated .



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The answer is right, the context gets automatically updated. There was code in my modifyview method to repopulate the initial values everytime.. I changed this to be only valid for First_time

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