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Component-based Web Dynpro applications using separate Web Dynpro DC's

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can anyone suggest me!

I Imported the sdn provided local Web Dynpro DCs' using Development Configuration perspective of NWDS using the following steps....

a. Open the Development Configurations perspective ("Window"|"Open

Perspective"|..."Development Configurations").

b. Select the view "Local DCs" and open the node "Local Development"|"My


c. Refresh the perspective view "Local DCs" by pressing the button "Refresh

tree" within the title bar.

d. Multi-select all DCs whose name starts with cd355/comp.

e. Open the context menu of the selected nodes and choose "Build …".

f. In the "Build Development Component" window mark all listed development components, uncheck the check box "Only build if necessary" and choose


h. Multi-select all DCs whose name starts with cd355/comp again.

i. Open the context menu of the selected nodes and choose "Create Project".

j. Open the Web Dynpro perspective ("Window"|"Open Perspective"|..."WebDynpro").

I was struck up after the step no 'h' to create project and this project should display in WebDynpro Perspective

how to create a project and how to refer these DC's to this project.


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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Kumar,

what's your problem exactly? Is the "Create Project ..." context menu item not being displayed when selecting the Local DCs? This should only happen in case the Local DCs were allready opened as Projects before.

Regards, Bertram