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Compatible Addons required to run S4HANA 1610 with Fiori FES ABAP front end

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Hello SAP Community,

We have the below SAP Systems

1) S4HANA 1610 FSP02 -------------( BACK END Server)

2) NW 751 ABAP Frontend System for S4HANA 1610 + Fiori FES 3.0 + other S4HANA Fiori Addons as below. ---------------( Fiori Gateway Server)

3) SAP WebDispatcher on DMZ

We would like to run Fiori apps ( transactions/ analytical) for FI,SD,MM etc .

Can anyone confirm if we are missing any addons which are mandatorily required for Fiori apps to run on both Fiori FES server & backend SAP S4HANA 1610

Attached pictures for both these servers

Just wanted to ensure these components on both servers are sufficient enough to run Fiori apps.

Thanks & Best Regards


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