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Comparison of column values in SAP Analytics Cloud Story

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Hello All,

I have been working mostly with SAP analytics Cloud for the past few days and i came across a blocker. Been trying to go way around but in vain.

Is there any way i can show the differences between those two dates in this table itself- for each segment?

Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Girish,

Yes, you can get the difference between whom columns considering they have the same measure in the backend.

In your case, you have to create a calculated measure for each row. So column 1 the same as it's coming from backend. Column 2 should be created based on the restricted measure with the desired dimension conditions. and the calculation measure for Column2-column1 measure.

If you are using stories you can easily achieve it by Input controls.

Its better to use charts where you will get the difference between two columns just by hovers.


Sanjay Guha

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