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Compare Two Characteristics in the report

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Hi All,

I have a query, where I need to compare the 'Payment Terms' opted by the customer (Master data) with Payment terms actually done in the transaction.

So, I have Payment terms present in the InfoCube and also attribute of Customer Master.

Now, I need a report to show only those records where Payment terms varies with the Payment terms in the Master data..

Is this possible...?

Things done:

1. Searched SDN but could not get the solution..

2. Checked with Formula Variables ..but in vein as we cannot pick charactieristics (of Data Type : Character string) with Formula Variables

3. Virtual Characteristics : Not a fessible option due to performance concerns

Regards, Vj

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Answers (2)

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THis is not the easiest method, but you can try.

Make the Attribute as navigational and add it to the Cube.

Now, you have both the Master & Transactional Values in the Cube.

Now, you will have to create a BADI and filter the records as needed using very simple ABAP.

It will be faster than Virtual Characteristics.

Do a search on BADI in SDN to get more information.

U.P.Ram Chamarthy.

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hi Vijay,

This is how I would proceed ( I did nt get any front end solution - might be its there and more elegant than this soultion...)..

I would add one field to ODS/Cube which would be populated by routine - routine would be to check your master and incoming data....stor flag ( Y - if value is same ..N if it varies...)

In your report you can Filter on N - and you would get only those values where vaues is different...

LEt me know if it works or you need more help..

Thanks for any points.


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Hi Gaurav,

Well, I thought of this solution..but you know..this would initiate the process of reloading all the data in the InfoCube again..( And, we are still in 3.5 version, so there is no Remodeling option for me)..

I am thinking..there'll be some other solution...

Regards, Vj