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Compare SAP Solution Manager (CHARM & CTS+) and Realtech TransportManager

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Hi All,

We have a multi-wave program with continuous releases and parallel development across all 4 solution verticals (heterogeneous landscape) i.e. on the external intefaces and Presentation Layer (EP), Integration layer (PI), SAP applications like CRM, ISU & BI and 3rd party applications like Documentum, Streamserve etc. We are currently evaluating tools that can be used for release and change management across the entire landscape as part of the Configuration Management program.

We've identified 2 Solutions/Tools:

1. Solution Manager's CHARM funtionality along with CTS+

2. Realtech TransportManager

If anybody has worked on a similar kind of evaluation, I need your help in comparing the features of both the tools and identify their pros and cons.

Thanks in advance.


Sameer Dash

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Hi Sameer,

Could you confirm what approach did you finally take, please?

We are on 4.6C with a custom system to automate transports (for each transport request, there is a custom entry created and approvals given via a custom transaction and a custom workflow executing request imports). We will be upgrading to ECC6 soon and would like to make use of Solution Manager. We are also evaluating other products in the space, like Transport Express by Basis Technologies.

Could you suggest if SolMan's ChaRM with CTS+ is adequate for change & release management with workflows. (ideally for 'release management', we would like to be able to create transport proposals to automate the import of requests and a similar methodology for 'change management' as well)

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Sameer / Kris

If you are still looking for a SAP Change Management tool to automate your existing process, suggest you also consider tools like Transport Express and also Revtrac in your analysis.

For more information on Transport Express please visit our website:

As you will see, a lot of industry-leading SAP customers already use Transport Express. If appropriate, we can setup a call with you and an existing TE customer that is similar in scope/scale to you, so you can hear first hand their experiences of using TE and why they chose that over the other tools available on the marketplace.

We actually have several customers that previously used the alternative tools that you mentioned and then switched over to TE - we can also put you in touch with them so they can explain the reasons they had for doing this, and again, their recent experiences of using Transport Express.

Best Regards

Ross McLanachan

Basis Technologies