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Common personalization data for multiple iViews?

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we have a set of iViews which reflect the same information on different levels of detail. One iView is only giving high level statistic information, the second gives more detail, the third a detailed list. The iViews will be placed in different contexts (pages) in the portal.

All three iViews look at the same business object (for example one specific purchasing group).

So what the user wants is to personalize the purchasing group of his responsibilty only once and not three times.

So how to develop a common persistence of personalization parameters for multiple iViews?

I think this is quite a typical requirement which others should have encountered?

Any recommendations?

Thanks for your your comments!

Lutz Rottmann

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there a different possibilities to solve it.

1. you can change the properties or attributes of every portal component you lik from another.

2. You can put all iview into one portalarchive, so they may share this information on archive attribute level.

3. Write a session bean, which holds the date (if you dont want to persist it).

4. write a personalization service. basically a user hashtable, persistent or not.

5. for experts: Use Portal object model (POM). Only experts!

Best Regards,


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Hi Oliver,

we have three components in our archive which should share common personalization data. There are three iViews defined using these three components as Master iView.

Personalization data is persisted in PCD on iView-ID level. In Java I have the API to read the personalization data of the iView-ID that is currently running by using

IPortalComponentProfile userProfile = request.getComponentContext().getProfile;


value = userProfile.getProperty("MyPersProperty");


But how do I get and set the data of the other iViews to synchronize it? What is the appropriate API?

I would like to define one component which is the personalization dialog and personalization persistance for the other three iViews. The other three should read the relevant personalization data from this special iView. But I cannot find an API that fits my needs. Any hints?

Regards, Lutz