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Command line deployment of EAR?

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I am using NetWeaver to deploy my ear file. Is there a command line tool/api I can use to deploy my ear file to a remote server?


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Answers (2)

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Hallo Ray,

You may be interested of the following topic as well

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yes, there is such command line tool. You use the telnet to connect to the server and execute the commands from the deploy command group. Here are the steps:

1. In a telnet console, connect to the remote host by executing <b>telnet <host> <telnet_port></b>.

2. Log on as Administrator user.

3. execute <b>jump 0</b> to jump to the server node.

4. Execute <b>ADD Deploy</b> to add the Deploy shell commands group to the environment.

5. Use the DEPLOY command to deploy your EAR files. For a reference on the commands options, see <a href="">this</a> page.

Hope that helps!