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Combo box not responding properly

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I am new to Xcelsius.Am working in Xcelsius 2008 wit SP4 installed.

I have 3 combo box .when the user selects the data from the combo box and clicks the "Refresh " button, values will be plotted in the line chart and column chart.

The three combo box are prodName,Qty,Price.when a prodName is selected,the QTY that correspond to that prodName is populated in the QTY combo box.The same scenario applies to price combo box.I am using QaaWS to pull data from the database for the combo boxes.

Let me tell the details of combo box with an example.

prodName QTY Price


a aa aaa

b a2 bbb

c cc ccc

When i select ALL in the first combo box,the remaining two combo boxes will be populated with al the values with ALL shown in the top.

when i select 'a' as a prodName,the Qty will be populated with ALL,aa,a2 showing ALL at the top label.wen i select 'aa' as QTY,ALL and price for tat particular prod wil be shown.

When i again change the prodName to 'b' the QTY combo box is populated with ALL,aa,a2, but 'aa' is shown as label in the top.But i need to have ALL..

In the combo box behavior tab,i have Dynamic as Selected Item type...

i don't know how to rectify this...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Madhu,

This is a known behavior. Components does not clear the previous selection.



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Hi Amit,

Thank u for the reply.

Is there no other way to solve this problem??



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Actually a combo box will clear and reset itself to 'ALL', but it's a little tricky.

First of all, set up a test like this:

Have your combo box writing its selection to say, A1 (insertion type Label).

On the Behavior tab, set the selected item type to Label and the Item field to A1. Leave 'Insert Selected item' blank.

To test, you can add a text entry field and link it to A1 (link both the Default Text and the Data Insertion Destination to A1). Now preview and select something in the drop down (so that 'All' is no longer selected). If you type 'All' (case sensitive) into the text box (and so reset cell A1 to 'All') you should see that the combo box resets its selection to All as well.

If all this is working for you, then you just need to work out your QaaWS connections to bring data in overwriting the selection of the combo box (it works for me, but I'm not testing with a QaaWS connections).

Hope that helps.