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Combining Masterdata in BW from multiple ECC sources

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I am faced with a situation where my company has grown by acquisition and is looking to create a BW instance (our first!) loading from multiple ECC sources.

I feel I am shortly going to be faced with a number of issues including how we are going to manage the masterdata in BW. managing the data coming into important object like 0Material and 0BPartner are going to get complicated when there are differences in each system

- Overlapping number ranges

- Different codes, same material

- Same codes, different

- Different legal structures So things US we are 1 CoCode and different sales orgs, in Europe we are set up with entirely different CoCodes for each sales org)

Is there any documentation you can point me to on how we might be able to handle this scenario in BW? Some pointers about things to think about.

Before you all rush and say 'MDM!' I dont think we are going to have the budget to bring in yet another SAP product... where possible we need to do this in SAP BW itself.

Any white papers anywhere?

thanks so much for help

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There are two approaches to handle it.

1. Use compounding with either 0LOGSYS or 0SOURSYSTEM.

2. Use concatenation in the iobject. e.g. if material M001 from system A then material in BW will be AM001. This approach is not recommended but I have seen many places where people use it.



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Have you already considered the idea about compounding master data object with 0SOURCESYSTEM?

or say you are getting two material with the same number from two diff system.

M01 -->From EC1 is Printer Machine

M01 --->From EC2 is Cartridge.....

You can add EC1 and EC2 in compounding or make a rule to define a unique id

EC1M01 and EC2M02



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