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Combine Models in New Model

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Hey everybody,

I wanted to ask if it's possible to combine data in the new SAC Model. In the old one it's no problem but I don't find that button in the new one?

Are there any other chances to combine data without story blending?

Thanks for your help!

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is there any solution to this issue ? i'm working on a use case and i need to combine data in a new model but as you already mentionned no existance of its button !
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Combine Data option is only available in Classic Model as of now. There is already an influence request to get this feature to new Model (Measure based) which you can upvote.

Improvement Request Details - Customer Influence (

Story blending is an option or else you can use cross model data copy or Advance formula LINK function (if the other data to be combined can be stored in another model)


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Hello Nikhil. Do you have any update here as to when table blending will be supported in optimized design experience story, now that it supports chart blending?