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Combination of FioriElements & UI5 Freestyle in CAP

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Dear Experts,

We have a requirement to create a CAP Project with the initial page (List-View) using the Fiori Elements. Then navigating from the List-view record to the Object Page/Detailed page using the UI5 Freestyle. Is this Possible?

We are using the ODATA-V4.

Let me know your feedback or thoughts.

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Hi @Prashanth_Mandhala ,

Yes its possible . You can use the navigate from the Fiori Elements Page to the regular/freestyle ui5 page. 

Any specific reason of using v4?



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Hi @Dipankar

Do you know how to do it? Any sample snippets or any blog would he helpful.

The reason for using V4 to enable the Drafting for certain cases in CAP Service.