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in our portal, we are created a new System Service.

We deployed it.

If we try to restart this system service, the following error occurs:

Messages from Server ID 205103950 :

ERROR: Error in the listener class during the process of handleTopic.

This message is to see under the link path: Systemadministration -> Support -> Portal Runtime -> Application Console.

Then you can choose a portal application. So there are services, you can restart.

Do you have an idea, why the system is throwing this error.

I really appreciate your help.

Best regards,


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Hello everybody,

i solved this problem myself.

Important thing to do is, to edit the service in portalapp.xml on the right way...

Then the service could find and restart by portal runtime.



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Hi Hüdayi,

I am also facing the same problem and unable to find out any solution for this.

Please can you help me out, I am in a big mess.

You told about portalapp.xml. But I have checked it, I am not getting any problem in that.

Can you elaborate your solution.

Please reply

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Hello Pankaj,

i want to help you. Therefore i need to know, what you want to do.

Do you want to integrate any KM Transports in the portal? Can you give me any details please?

I can not elaborate my solution. At this time, our project and its solutions have to be hold secret.

But if you give me any details about your problem, i can tell you about the way, how to solve them...



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Hi Hüdayi,

I appreciate your reply.

What I want to do is:

1. I have created a portal service and converted it into web service through NWDS.

2. Exported this web service as a PAR file.

3. Deployed it on to the the SAP EP7.0 successfully

Responsibility of PAR file:

1. It has functionality to retrieve KM content from KM repository.

My Problem:

When I try to deploy this PAR file on to the EP6.0, it gives me following error:

"ERROR: Operation failed: The archive KMWebService has not been deployed.

ERROR: Exception caught: com.sapportals.portal.prt.runtime.PortalRuntimeException: : KMWebService"

My portalapp.xml is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<application alias="kmWebService">
    <property name="SharingReference" value=",usermanagement,knowledgemanagement">
    <property name="ServicesReference" value="SAPJ2EE::library:tc~kmc~bc.uwl~api"></property>
    <service alias="kmWebService" name="KMWebService">
        <property name="className" value="com.persistentsys.enconnect.ecsc.sapkm.KMWebService">
        <property name="WebEnable" value="true">
        <property name="WSDL_RPC_ENC" value="KMWebService_RPC_ENC.wsdl">
        <property name="WSDL_RPC_LIT" value="KMWebService_RPC_LIT.wsdl">
        <property name="WSDL_DOC_LIT" value="KMWebService_DOC_LIT.wsdl">
        <property name="SecurityZone" value="high_safety">
        <property name="SystemAlias" value="Default_System_Alias">

Please do provide me your solution

Your help will be appreciated and rewarded.


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Dear SDN Forum users.

At this point I have to remove my entry because of privacy and copyright reasons.

We integrated KM Transports with groupware Framework about Repository Managers.

We could not unfortunately get any information about that integration at first in the Internet as well as from the books about that integration.

We have done it.

If you need help, you can ask us about how to do.


Hüdayi Mengus

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Edited by: Hüdayi Mengus on Jul 1, 2008 2:48 PM

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Dear All

Please tell me As I am new in Netweaver Development

I got the same error while starting the service

Please help me out

Thanks & Regards