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COM Exception (0x80004005): impossible to find the path

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Hi all, i am new in the forum.

We are currently implementing our website, using Visual Studio 2013 c# and Crystal Reports 2013

We have a problem when we try to extract as PDF a report: COM Exception (0x80004005): impossible to find the path.

We have already double-checked the path and all the grants, the same issue doesn’t happen when we open an older report, but it happens with all the newer ones (created in the last two weeks).

Waiting for some support,

thanks a lot.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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That's a new one... never heard or seen that error before...

What CR for VS SP are you using?

Compiled for 32 or 64 bit AppPool?

Installed which CR for VS MSI? Must match the AppPool settings.

At what point in your code are you getting that error?


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Hi Don,

thanks for your reply!

We have already checked all the possible incompatibility problems and everything looks well setted (everything for 64 bit, CR for VS 2013 and Support Pack 4).

The error occurs at the end of the code, after clicking the link that should open the report, exactly when it tries to extract it as PDF.

What is really strange is that it doesn't occur with every report, just with some new reports (we have already tried to exclude/include some specific datas and tables in order to verify that is not a problem of database).

It looks like there is something wrong in the comunication between CR and VS, even if we do not have any evidence of that as the name of the report is passed right along all the code and we can't even find anything strange with the parameters

Thanks again!

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CR for VS is up to SP 17 now.... We don't patch this product so only option is to try SP 17 and see if  that fixes the issue.


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