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color in sap scripts

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Issue: the layout is like a bank cheque.

at the bottom of the cheque where it displays the 'mignr number 'acct number ' etc..

They need the number to be printed in a different color. not in black & white.

please let me know how to do this.

thanks in advance.

with regards


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Answers (2)

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Hi Girish,

I know it's quite a long time that you started this discussion.

But if you still want to know the answer, please go through my blog on how to do color printing in SAP scripts.

White Paper on 'Color Printing in SAP Scripts'


Sireesha Ch

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Dear Girish,

first, this is the wrong forum. It's labelled PHP Development which has nothing to do with coloring in sapscript.

second, if you enter 'sapscript color' into the search box you'll get a trillion hits with a number of helpful ones in the top spots.

third, after an ultrafast review of above mentioned materials, I'd say NO, it isn't possible (except coloring the whole output of the script I think).



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true, but you can do it with Smartforms using style with coloring